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Experiments II

Unfinished inchies
This week I have mostly been experimenting with inchies. Never heard of them? They’re one inch square pieces of ‘art’ (I don’t consider myself an artist so loath to call anything I do art!). They’re usually card-based but can be made out of anything – fabric, metal, wood etc. So far I’ve done a few backgrounds – a few being in excess of 50…. As they’re small they’re quick to do and this first batch I’ve done with ink stamps on white card.

Next, I added some printed images, text and music to the card before inking:

Inchies with background

The next step is to finish these off with some more images, paint, ink or whatever – more experimenting!

Experiments I

Paper experiments

I’ve been doing some paper experiments recently with lots of well, mainly glue. Paper fabric is fun and a technique I want to explore further – it’s basically collaging paper, fabric and anything flat to a base of thin fabric using watered-down PVA glue. The thinner the glue mix the more flexible the end result, so my experiment (the bottom left piece with the blues, purples and text) ended up rather stiff with a 50-50 mix – will go thinner next time.

Also in the picture are some of the paper hearts I made from the paper pulp posted earlier, and above that is the start of what I hope I can turn into a book cover – it’s string and tissue paper on card – but I just need to work out how to flatten it ….

Cat in the Hat

I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting lately, instead of blogging… and the best thing to come out of it is this:

'Cat in the Hat' hat

I’ve had the sewing machine for years but this is the first project that I’ve actually completed – had a two-day deadline, which helped! I found a couple of patterns online and adapted them to make a hat the right size. Then I spent 2 hours designing and making the bow, which I’m very pleased with, and the result:

Cat in the Hat with bowtie

And of course, there is a black furry tail too.

The Wire

A little bit of wire-tapping for the glass workshop. Have been focusing on hearts on the run-up to Valentine’s Day, and may soon have to figure out a good bunny shape for Easter…

Wire shapes

The Birds

A bumper day for birds in the garden yesterday – 17 different types – including marsh tit, treecreeper, great spotted woodpecker and a red kite overhead.

This is a moorhen who spent three days in our garden last week – presumably lost and now moved on to somewhere wetter.

A New Hope

A long time ago in a blog far far away….

The old blog is dead.  A new hope for what comes next as I really will try to keep this one alive, not starved and forgotten like the last.  Time for a clean sweep and to post some of the interesting things I’ve been up to.

Like this:

Copper Shaggy Loops bracelet, with handmade clasp

Copper Shaggy Loops bracelet, with handmade clasp

And this:

Fused glass pendants

Fused glass pendants

And this:

Copper Jens Pind Linkage bracelet, with handmade clasp

Copper Jens Pind Linkage bracelet, with handmade clasp